Our assets

A financial markets dedicated recruitment house

Florian & Sacha Associates operates exclusively in the field of financial markets recruiting experienced front office professionals across all asset classes and in different areas:

  • top managers (top management, head of trading, head of markets, head of research, head of sales, head of dealing room)
  • buy-side front office operators (analysts, portfolio managers, prop traders, market makers, product specialist, execution trade…)
  • sell side front office operators (Sales, Sales Traders, Quants, Analysts, Structurer…)
  • other senior executive roles directly linked to Front Office Financial Markets activities
  • Credit markets (cash, structured, primary, secondary, corporate bonds, financials, government, investment grade, high yield, distressed, emerging markets, sovereign, leveraged loans, private debt), Monetary markets (short term rates, treasury traded products) Equity markets (US, Euro, Asia, Emerging Markets), Listed and OTC Derivatives Products (futures, options, Equities, Index, FX, ETFs et Delta One), FX (spot), Multi Assets Structured Products markets, Commodity markets (Derivatives and Physical), Funds markets (Traditional Funds, Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds)

    A network of financial markets professionals

    Over the years, Florian & Sacha Associates has been able to build solid relationships with key players active in Market Finance operations(professionals and companies).
    All of these relations shape a unique financial markets professional network specialised on different asset classes.
    It represents a key advantage to screen efficiently the active population operating on financial markets.

    An efficient sourcing capability of front office people

    Florian and Sacha Associates has the capability to source and identify rapidly the most targeted financial markets professional in the market in line with the Client needs.

    This Sourcing ability is based upon:
    • A deep knowledge of the International Market Finance environment
    • Recommendations and advices coming from our network on Financial Markets
    • A pro-active and consultative Candidate Approach. We approach candidates through exchanges which are totally personalized, consistent and respectful of their interest. This tailor made approach allows :

    Financial Markets Professionnals: to lead into new professional projects even if they wouldn’t have naturally considered newcareer opportunities.

    Our clients: to approach, in the best conditions, the most experienced financial markets professional who are not in an active job search and who are the most targeted profiles for their recruitment needs.

    • A perfect knowledge and use of professional and/or social medias dedicated to the Financial Markets sector
    • An internal “tailor-made” database which is regularly updated

    A unique internal database

    Florian & Sacha Associates has significantly invested in the development of its internal database.
    This database is especially designed with criterias specific to financial markets professionals which are comprehensively relying on:

    • Key activity factors (expertise, historical and expected p&l, historical key client, targeted clients, transferability of the business … )
    • Legal and contractual aspects (notice period, non-competition clauses, dates of end of contract … )
    • Financial packages (fixed salary, historical and expected bonus, details of the bonus structure like differed part, equitypart)
    • Personal motivations (historical and expected geographical situation, ideal role, familial situation, personal project inprocess)
    • Other important criterias (languages, nationality, specific skills and certifications)
    • All stored informations are strictly confidential and regularly updated in the context of each recruitment missions. This database enables us:
    • To offer to Clients as well as Candidates a personalized follow up which is maintained over time and provides a mutual trust
    in the relation
    • To identify efficiently and quickly the most targeted professional active in the market
    • To guarantee the relevance of the Candidates approach in a market environment which is constantly evolving

    The success fee

    Florian & Sacha Associates philosophy is to offer a service in line with the client’s interests.
    It’s for this reason we propose fees conditioned to the success of their recruitment missions.
    We are always confident to bring each engaged mission to success because we do not work outside of our field of expertise.

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