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Year after year, the relationship to executive recruitment has been fundamentally changing and is today an extremely competitive sector which continues to progress exponentially.

Our level of knowledge and expertise in the Financial Markets industry, allows us to offer services which are unique and perfectly adapted to a constantly evolving social and professional digital environment.

Using innovative internal working techniques/communication tools and our extensive talent portfolio, we effectively evaluate the best candidate to find the perfect match for each assignment.

In today’s fast paced world, we are uniquely positioned to provide a service offer entirely adapted to specific corporate recruitment needs. With our competitive edge and desire for accomplishment we strive to be the best at what we do and we are driven to constantly improve how we perform.

Our business is driven by customer experience and we acknowledge that excellence in customer service is key to our future success.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are always able to recruit the best-in-class Front Office Executives to boost the development and successful growth of their capital market business.

 Provides Mapping

A targeted pool of candidates available within a competitive timeframe...

– Full transparency on each of our headed actions

– Detailed and frequent reports, (frequency defined according to the duration of the sourcing period)

– Candidate personal contact details (to enable direct contact)

– A final report providing a relevant full mapping of targeted active professionals and companies


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Job offers

A proactive approach to a targeted and tailored pool of candidates sourced internally...

– Full understanding of the personal and professional interests and aspirations of potential candidates

– A F&S Associates “business oriented” file for each potential candidate

– Shortlist selection of the most appropriate and available candidates

– Logistics organization and liaison between candidates and clients

– Follow up and detailed debriefings with both client and candidates at each step of the process (1st informal contact / key meetings / contractual offer / signature / resignation)

– Follow up of the candidate during the trial period

– Results driven service oriented on success fees


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Advertising Solutions

Online Ad Solution

A centralized optimized solution for the publication of your job adverts on most relevant and active channels for financial recruitment.

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