Our values


We strongly believe to what we start and we always keep this optimism safe. All our actions are relied on a strong confidence in our capability and belief that there are always solutions to any difficulties or standed issues.


We do not work on recruitment missions outside our field of expertise and we do not accept new missions if missions in process don’t allow us to allocate enough time to achieve it seriously. We have a strong track record of success in our engaged missions.


Listening is a value at the basis of all our relations. It’s essential to guarantee a perfect understanding of our Clients’ recruitment needs as well as of our Candidates’ professional concerns.


We bring a maximum of visibility in all our work actions by providing very detailed reporting in order to work jointly with the Client during all the mission. The dialogue is in the center of our practice as well with our Clients as with our Candidates because we think that it largely contribute to the constant improvement of our services.


We commit to treat the information with caution and we assure the confidentiality of any information with no direct relation with our mission or which has to remain anonymous. This value is the founding principle of our relations with every professionals both Clients and Candidates.


We make sure of placing the Client expectations in the heart of our missions. Anticipation, forecasting, consistent analysis of the information and respect of both Clients and Candidates are in keeping with our state of mind.