Sourcing is an activity focused on the identification and assessment of skilled professionals. It is a complex and time-consuming activity – but it is also the DNA of our business.

As a matter of fact, with more and more information available on the internet (sites such as Bloomberg and other social media sites), digital recruitment tools and various sourcing techniques continue to progress at an unprecedented pace.

In essence, Sourcing means searching and sorting out all relevant information online, in a minimum time frame, in order to select specifically skilled professionals. Sourcing not only enables the identification of highly potential candidates on a given market it also provides the information needed to contact and engage personally with potential candidates.

Florian & Sacha Associates put Sourcing at the heart of their strategy, with a particular emphasis on Market Finance professionals. We filter with relevance all information available and we make a difference thanks to our search supports based on:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the International Finance Market environment
  • Recommendations and advice from our network on Financial Markets
  • Our expertise and use of professional and/or social media sites dedicated to the Financial Markets sector
  • An internal “tailor-made” database which is regularly updated
  • A pro-active and consultative approach to candidates. We pride ourselves on our exchanges with candidates which are totally personalized, discreet and respectful of their interest. This tailor made approach allows :
    • Financial Markets Professionals: To discover new professional projects (even if initially, they wouldn’t have automatically considered new career opportunities).
    • Our clients:An optimized approach to the most experienced financial market professionals (not necessarily looking for a new job) who they can discreetly contact and screen as the most targeted profiles for their recruitment needs.

In this way, Florian & Sacha Associates offer an optimal sourcing service for refined recruitment needs which enables Clients to obtain a highly targeted pool of potential candidates in a competitive timeframe.

As a result, Clients are able to rapidly approach and discuss their recruitment needs with the most experienced professionals.